Level 2 Coaching: Advanced Certificate on Coach-Entrepreneur

Duration: 6 months
Prerequisite:Certificate on Coach-Entrepreneur (AACL)



Course Hours Outcome Certification
NLP Practitioner (ABNLP Approved) 56 Be effective, efficient and successful by improving quality of life; communicate more effectively; eliminate fears, phobias and low self-esteem Yes
Emotional Intelligence 8 – Understanding of how emotions can influence, motivate and control behaviour
– Influencing others by understanding their emotions and behaviour
Business Mastery Bootcamp 8 – Presenting in 1on1 and in groups
– Whys and Hows on influencing audience through your stories
Workshop 2: How to Run a Workshop and Audience Engagement 8 – Interactive communication
– Audience control
– Content design
Advance Business Mastery Bootcamp 16 – Convert your coaching from 1 to many
– Introducing wealth management
– Mock Coaching Practice
– Writing attractive content
Sells Funnel Bringing more lead in the business
ICF Coaching Core Competency Series – Pathway to get the ICF certification
Overall – 1 to Many Coaching Competency
– Certification as a coach