Level 1 Coaching: Certificate on Coach-Entrepreneur

Duration: 6 months

Prerequisite: Nil


Course Hours Outcome Certification
Coach Mastery 16 Learning tools, resources and Techniques to start coaching as your business Yes
Advance Coach Mastery 16 Advance coaching Techniques to design your personal coaching program Yes
Business Mastery Bootcamp 16 1. 3M Formula
– Mindset (Clarity of vision, SWOT Analysis)
– Monetisation
(Identifyingchallenges, idea generation, niche,
client group identification, reaching clients)
– Marketing (Introducing social media branding, website, sells funnel)
2. Mock Coaching Practice
3. Convert coaching skills into business
One-on-One Mentoring Session 6 Updates, progress, challenge analysis
Inner Circle
(Exclusive Facebook Group)
Exclusive contents and experience sharing among peer group
Personal Website
Online resources
Overall – 1-on-1 coaching competency
– Certification as a coach