Emotional Intelligence
  1. Emotional Intelligence for higher intelligence, clearer thought patterns, self-control
  2. Learn to shift your perception from stress to be able to live more in joy and happiness
  3. Create a life of Self-Empowerment & Confidence
  4. How to become more consciously aware of the signals that life reflects back to us
  5. How to eliminate negative self-talk
  6. How the mind is made up of different personalities (masks), not one personality like once thought
  7. Understand the Science of vibration – The language of the mind
  8. The Science of The Heart for Peak Performance in Life, Sports & Business
  9. Understand The Emotional Guidance System and minimise the impact of negative emotions
  10. Learn how to motivate yourself towards success and fulfillment
  11. Discover how to create more deeper lasting relationships
  12. Learn to control nerves in a profound moment (exams, interviews, public/sporting events, etc)
  13. How to strengthen your immune system with little effort
  14. Build your Emotional Resilience and emotional threshold levels for more calmness and control
  15. The functions of The Unconscious Mind & how to communicate directly with your mind
  16. Learning the ‘The Law of Reflection’ lets us understand ourselves at a much deeper level
  17. Understanding the signals they are communicating to us to take action – Action Signals
  18. Learn how to change your states of mind instantaneously
  19. Learn through heart intelligence – how to develop more intuition and intelligence
  20. Understand The Molecules of Emotion – ‘Neuropeptides what are they?’
  21. Resolve Inner Conflict and live more in harmony and creativity
  22. Learn how to create New Beliefs for powerful attraction and results
  23. Anchoring – for creating optimal performance and managing your state
  24. Manage your emotional state and improve your thinking patterns with clarity & focus
  25. Language Patterns for finding truth and purpose behind emotions
  26. Learn 12 Powerful proven techniques for use on yourself or others for health and well-being

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