Hemi Hossain

Hemi is one of the leading success coaches, international speaker, investor, winner of the best business award in Melbourne 2018 & winner of Arthakantha business awards 2017 in Bangladesh. Working in top corporate companies for about a decade, Hemi decided to start his entrepreneurship journey about three years back. In this three years time, he has achieved remarkable milestones and affected the lives over a million people in 4 countries from over 100 industries on and offline through his bespoke training solutions.

Dr Kinnar Shah

Incredibly passionate about his work, Dr Kinnar Shah, practices his expertise as Dentist in Cosmetic, Laser and Implant Dentistry. Being a certified high performance coach, a certified Gallup Strength Coach and NLP Business and Leadership Coach, he has helped transform the lives of thousands both personally and professionally. His popular Business, Leadership and communication seminars are highly reviewed and sought after. Kinnar specializes in working with the innate strengths and talents of the entire Team for the potential of hire success.